Being optimistic about Intelligent Machines – AI

The optimism surrounding AI stems from its transformative impact on diverse sectors, fostering innovation, efficiency, and improved quality of life. Strategic implementation, guided by ethical considerations, is crucial to maximizing the positive outcomes of AI technologies while minimizing potential risks.

The Age of Machines

We are all evolving very fast into a future that is not far away. The foreseeable future is quite scary. A few years from now, we would not need any of these devices to communicate or to do the usual tasks because we would all become the devices. We are gradually evolving into becoming these devices we constantly bend our heads towards.

Secret Agenda: Now Disclosed

There is a huge problem and it scares me when I see the ill fate that awaits our next generation. I feel we must fix this problem now before it is too late. The world is evolving very fast into something we may not be able to control and the key player of this is — technology.