Godfrey Jeremiah Blog, also known as GJEF Specials, is an inspiring blog space with engaging content – investigating how humans have evolved with religion, science, and technology.

GJEF Specials takes you on an enlightening and inspiring journey with information that would transform you. We started as a tech-driven niche where we share instructional materials and provide tech solutions to our target audience.

But now, we do more. Apart from helping tech professionals and tech beginners with strategies on how to pivot in their careers, we essentially share valuable content about how humanity and technology have evolved, as well. This is in a bid to keep track of our historical settings.

A combination of creativity and polished writing wrapped in a techy-nerd

GJEF Blog expresses Godfrey’s curiosity to dig deep for hidden facts with a twist in a creative approach – in addition to his passion for technology mixed with the historical settings of how human society has evolved.

The Motivation

After publishing my first video and article on the topic, “A.I. vs Humanity: The Age of Machines”, I received a couple of requests to make more videos and to write more on that subject.

Since that moment, with an effect on that, I’ve been doing some technology research. And, what I found was amazingly surprising. It has led me to write primarily about technology and humanity, as a result.

In fact, everything that we are, or that we do, including our careers, is moving in a single direction.

For this reason, I am devoted to getting all our attention on that. It has dawned on me that we need to redefine humanity. More importantly, we need to ask ourselves certain questions repeatedly until we get the answers right.

In light of that, I have categorized these findings as “Beyond Imaginations” on my blog. Because they are beyond what we would ever imagine, normally.

Besides, my understanding of ancient and modern technology is getting more fascinating by the day. Especially, seeing the enormous effects technology has on humanity.

In fact, as someone with a background in technology, my recent discoveries have become a very shocking experience. And, I am using every means necessary to connect with like minds in unfolding the mysteries that bind humanity and technology together.

This has become a journey for me, to continue digging down deep the rabbit hole as I get to disclose the facts, subsequently.

Going down the rabbit hole

“I consider it crucial that we know the true story behind our evolution and how we have evolved as a people. The link to finding the fact encapsulated in this story seems broken. I will find it in every way that I can. This blog is a way for me to connect others to this journey.”

Godfrey Jeremiah

Highly captivating stories with a factitious tone

The Objective

As a writer, I have always wanted to share the content that was traditionally on my journals and local drive. The main goal was to translate my content into a digital experience that would express my thoughts and present my work in a memorable and contemporary way.

Aside from sharing my thoughts and research content, I equally wanted to use the same platform to transfer my skills and career journey to others who need some guidance.

The Solution

Godfrey initiated this blog inspired by a creative concept that’d give visitors a rich experience through his work. One peculiarity about the GJEF blog is the originality of content. This content is well researched and produced to literarily provide answers to some of the questions you may be asking.

In search of facts?

The blog takes you on a journey through time with insights on subjects that’d blow your mind

I am committed to ensuring that every visitor to this blog gets that feeling by being consistent with the appearance of each post, the syncing of graphics with the background theme, and the pace of publishing my content.

My search for a more meaningful and fulfilling life has taken me to this point. You’d certainly find my content valuable and worth supporting as I would continue to invest in them.

This idea got inspired by the belief that technology is the major pioneer of civilization in light of the construct of human history. Hence my interest gravitates toward these aspects – technology and science.

Learn and share

Learning how things work technically has always been a hubby. Consequently, I have built a career around the things I love to do and this blog is also a way for me to share the resolutions and results.

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Learning is a sure path to knowledge

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