BACK 2 NORMAL Eps-1 & 2: From Pandemic to Possibilities

We’d be deliberating on answering two key questions: What has changed since the pandemic? and How did you respond to the changes? Hopefully, this conversation would be live-streamed on the Instagram and Facebook platforms. Essentially,...

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Become a Patron! Become a Patron! GJEF Specials takes you on an enlightening and inspiring journey with information that would transform your life. We started as a tech-driven niche where we share instructional materials and provide tech solutions to our...

Integrity – A culture we must embrace

Integrity is an aspect of moral character. It's important that you establish for yourself a clear code of ethics. We all face integrity-based choices on a regular basis. Choices require personal judgment. Although we know what's right and what's wrong, there are some situations where it's really difficult to figure out the right choice to make. A better guide to help you in situational choices is to examine how the choices you'd make affect your reputation.

The Age of Machines

We are all evolving very fast into a future that is not far away. The foreseeable future is quite scary. A few years from now, we would not need any of these devices to communicate or to do the usual tasks because we would all become the devices. We are gradually evolving into becoming these devices we constantly bend our heads towards.