B2N Final Episode: COVID Vaccination

Connecting the missing links regarding the debate over covid vaccinations. There are two wings to the Covid vaccinations exercise: Wing-1: Category of people who don’t trust the vaccine being given because of the conspiracies concerning...

Stranger in a Strange World – Unmasking Reality

As a stranger in a strange world where there are limitations, learn to unlearn your limitations. In this way, you'd access unlocked powers waiting for you. We're unnecessarily restricted by what we think we must do or can't do. You've got to create your own meaning in this world.

The Age of Machines

We are all evolving very fast into a future that is not far away. The foreseeable future is quite scary. A few years from now, we would not need any of these devices to communicate or to do the usual tasks because we would all become the devices. We are gradually evolving into becoming these devices we constantly bend our heads towards.