A stranger in a Strange world

There was a moment the stranger suddenly falls asleep, though half-awake. He had the strangest feeling of being a 2-in-1. ‘Something ’ inside him tried to jump out of him. However, a part of him resisted to keep a balance, as he sits on the office chair.

He made a discovery that he is like a proxy between two worlds; the world a part of him was trying to enter as he falls asleep, and the world he can realistically move his body in to gain his balance.

“We are two, merged into one, to experience a strange world — that shouldn’t even exist in the first place. A world where I’m a stranger.”

The thought of being a proxy is the strangest feeling that swept through his mind. To feel you’re a part of something and a part of another. Am I a proxy of someone in this strange world? Who am I really? Where is my actual body? – Probably some of the questions you might have asked yourself.

Why We are Strangers

This world accommodates you for a short period of time and then gives you up to the other. This makes us strangers in this world – the strangeness of a stranger in a strange world. He has no clue of his purpose, his origin, and his-hereafter.

He wonders if he’s having a dream or if he could actually be a part of someone else’s dream. He’d decided to accept what he sees as he’s expecting to wake up. What if he is unable to wake up from that dream? It feels so real though he can’t explain his feelings.

Should he trust his intuitions and dreams? The stranger knows that there is something wrong with the world though could not explain it. He could feel it and he’s beginning to have a growing awareness of who he is and where he is. He is having physical sensations but they are an illusion. Our sensations of this world could possibly be an illusion.

Where is the real world?

As a stranger in this world, he must have had his real home – where he originated from. It is certain that we’d leave this world someday but we have no clue where we’re going. We may someday, wake up to our actual world. We have no memory of who we were before we got in through its only gateway — woman.

However, he wants to dig deeper to know the truth. He had tasted two different worlds – the one in his dream and the other he wakes up to. The dream world is a world without rules and controls; a world without borders or boundaries. It’s a world where anything is possible – as there are no limitations.

On the contrary, the world he wakes up to is a world that’s forcefully pulled over his eyes to blind him from the truth. It’s a world with rules and limitations. He is a slave to this world. The stranger can tell this world is an illusion and a prison we must break out of. He must shatter the illusions that blind and enslave us. His purpose is to expose false conceptions of reality we’re living in.

You have to unlearn everything you think you already know for you to see the Truth that is hidden in plain sight.

Godfrey Jeremiah, In Pursuit of the Truth

The Act of Learning

There is so much to learn. The more you learn, the more you realize you have to learn. The path of learning humbles you as you’d discover how ignorant you have been.

As a stranger in a strange world where there are limitations, learn to unlearn your limitations. In this way, you’d access unlocked powers waiting for you. We’re unnecessarily restricted by what we think we must do or can’t do. You’ve got to create your own meaning in this world.

Obedience to the rules in this world that enslaves you is the thinking that’s holding you back from fulfilling your potentials.

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