It's not a fair world

Every man does something because of what he wants for himself. Not in all cases though but in most cases. Hardly can you find a good act that is totally selfless. Why is it rare to find a selfless system? Because life, by nature, is not fair. We do not live in a fair world so do not expect anyone or a system to be fair to you.

Again, never wait for the world to play fair to you. Else, you would stay all your life, waiting. Clearly, you must have the guts to go for what you want in life. No system would play fair to you. There is a system that the constructed human society plays by, and that is a win-win policy. Not practically at the same ratio, of course.

For instance, you’re working for a boss (either directly or indirectly) so you can make some earnings. However, the boss is silently getting more from you than you’re getting from the job system he’d created. Undoubtedly, this is precisely the way it is everywhere. We’re all perhaps, victims of a modern-day slavery system.

Most mutual indulgence sparked by specific interests or needs often pays one party better than the other – the one that played smart over the other.

Hardly can you find an activity that is pure without a hidden motive. Some seemingly good acts are practically seeds – a loan. They’d devise a way to get it back someday. It’s about getting ‘squared’ nonetheless.

Nothing goes for nothing

As it’s a saying in my native land, “…nothing goes for nothing…” At some point in your life, a friend, family or even a stranger would suddenly introduce you to a sort of business, gesturing to have your interest at heart. Subsequently, you’d realize that it is about what they want to get from you. You’re just a downline to them – a step on their ladder to climb to what they yearn for.

No one truly shares anything whatsoever that would independently make them wealthy. As everyone is striving to get to the top and remain there. So beware when someone is introducing you to a business they suggest will make you rich. What’s in for them?

Looking at the world’s billionaires today, it’s evident that they all would do anything to keep the title. Besides, the wealthiest people are crafty and play smart with a win-win strategy. As a matter of fact, the system is constantly seeking your attention and loyalty. But in the long run, to suck you dry to their gain.

It is not fair in the wild and the tamed

The system in the wild and the tamed is quite the same. Essentially, one thing is peculiar when you examine the art of life itself. Everything is striving to survive. From babies in the womb, and seeds in the ground to activities in both the wild and cultivated, the art of life is built for battle. Usually, the need to survive by competing earnestly for something.

Important to realize that there is no peace in nature. In other words, nature is not at peace with itself. Perhaps, nature is hoping that the most intelligent creatures – humans, would get it right. But unfortunately, we have failed too. Since the inception of the human race, it’s been war – killing each other for mundane things.

For instance, in this age, no one could have imagined that a country would invade another unjustly and the rest of the world would stand back watching. We had thought in error that this could only have been an incidence in the past when society had not yet advanced, at least, humanistically.

The weak suffer the most pain under state laws

Another point to consider. Most laws are made to favor and protect the strong and the powerful, not the weak. Notably, most state laws are made to exploit the vulnerabilities of the weak. Often to their detriment.

The reason is that these laws were made or incited by the powerful in the first place. It is rarely the case that laws are influenced by the weak masses – people who don’t have the power or voice to counter a system that infringes their rights. Unfortunately, this is the case in many nations.

However, when the masses unite for a cause and storm the streets and cities, demanding an emergence response to change the status quo, it causes something historical to happen. As the unity of the masses threatens authorities and shifts power from their rulers or government to them. This is the main reason people in power often create a system that disunites the people at any cost.

web hosting v2 05 It is not a fair world. Do not try to play fair

In conclusion

Generally speaking, life as we know it is not fair. Some work so hard and yet are not satisfactorily successful. And others do so little or nothing to get so much. Perhaps, like it says, “Success is not about working hard but working smart.” If being hardworking determines a successful life, every street hustler would be at the pinnacle of success. Here, I am speaking of material and monetary success.

Now the point is to ask the most important questions to strike a fair deal while negotiating for a job appointment, or an awarded project. You must know the nitty-gritty before you sign up the contract. Understanding that it is an unfair world, you must determine to develop the strategies necessary to counter it.

For this is what differentiates great people from the crowd. Great people don’t succumb to the status quo. They challenge it and find a way out. You must stand up and confront the unfairness of life toward you and turn things around. When life throws rocks at you, build a mansion with them. It’s all about your mindset. That’s where the power lies.

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