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This is probably the topic almost everyone is looking for – “How to get FREE MONEY in 24 hours“. But, how is that possible? Is there free money anywhere?

If you’d read one of my recent posts titled, “Money is primarily what drives chaos” then you can rightly guess what I am about to unveil on this one. But before I get into the real part of this post, let me take you through some crucial questions you may be asking yourself about money.

  1. How much money do you want right now?
  2. Why do you need that amount of money in #1?
  3. Do you know no one is really poor?
  4. Have you ever wondered why some people have so much money and others have none or little?
  5. What have you tried (legitimately) to make money enough to solve #2?
scarface money How to get FREE MONEY in 24 hours
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Is there Free Money Anywhere?

First, the honest truth is that there is no free money anywhere in this world. Secondly, there is probably no easy way to make money. However, there may be some constricted methods to legitimately generate funds online. All you have to do is follow a set of instructions and then get some cuts from doing so. I wouldn’t bore you into the depth of how these methods work.

Now I would share with you, 3 ways to make free money online by just doing simple tasks.

1. SerpClix

One of the easiest ways of making money online is using SerpClix. Here, you make money by clicking on links. Each link generates $0.05. So it is up to you to click on as many links as you can. Though you must follow the instructions you’re given.

BVqGflm How to get FREE MONEY in 24 hours
SerpClix – Become a Clicker

Steps and Requirements

  1. Download and install the Mozilla Firefox browser if you don’t have it installed. Make sure you use the Firefox browser as it doesn’t work on other browsers.
  2. Click on this link to enter the websiteSerpClix.
  3. Go to the footer page and click on “Become a Clicker” under Account.
  4. You must have a Paypal account to receive payments. So enter your details in the form and your Paypal email address where required.
  5. A firefox add-on or extension would be indicated for you to install. After completion of the installation, the extension icon would appear on the right-hand side of your browser address bar. Click on the icon and enter your login details.
  6. You would see or receive an order notification. Click on it and follow the instructions.
  7. When you’re done following the instructions, check your earning tab to verify the amount credited to you. Remember, you can withdraw a minimum of $5. Click on orders as there appear after you complete each.

That’s it! It is that simple.

2. Make free money by listening to music

Another simple way to earn money is listening, downloading, and uploading music.

Steps and Requirements

  1. Visit Mixkit and click on this link to download free music. All you need to do here is to preview and download free music to your local drive.
  2. Go to UP4EVER, Sign Up, and Choose your preferred payment method through Payment information so you can get paid. On this site, you would upload the music you downloaded from Mixkit, add the description of the file (name of song and artist) and update the setting.
  3. After uploading the music, go to “My Files” from the sidebar menu or top welcome tab. You would see the music file you uploaded. Click on the green pen, type the amount you want to get when someone downloads the music (for example $5) under price then submit. Make sure it is public so it would be seen.
  4. Upload as many music files as you can within your given storage capacity. Whenever someone downloads the music you’ve uploaded, you’d make money. That is it!
RIAedVN How to get FREE MONEY in 24 hours

3. Make free money by watching Youtube videos

Yes! Instead of wasting your time watching videos, you can just sign up with a website and make money while watching Youtube videos. Let me show you how to do it. Important to know that this is completely free.

First, let me introduce you to the website called, PICOWORKERS. Picoworkers is an online marketplace that connects Freelancers around the world with customers. Also, it features two different types of Jobs which make Picoworkers suitable for those who have less time and prefer to do quick tasks and those who possess certain skills and prefer to work longer hours to earn more.

Secondly, be informed that there are several ways to make money using this website. However, my focus here is to reveal to you how you can make money by just watching Youtube videos.

Here is the trick, follow the steps below:

Steps and requirements

  1. Sign up for a youtube account if you don’t have a youtube account.
  2. Sign up with Picoworkers by following this link. Fill out the form and submit it. Then verify your account by clicking on the verification link sent to the email you registered with.
  3. Go to Micro Jobs and under Category, select Video Marketing. Different jobs would be displayed with the potential income you can make after completing the tasks assigned.
  4. Select the job and follow the instructions given to you to complete the tasks.
  5. You can try other categories also. Just explore the best options you can use to make as much as you can.

UkcbaR6 How to get FREE MONEY in 24 hours

In Summary

If you are constantly searching the Internet for free money or easy ways to make money, you might probably bump into these sites or techniques. In truth, there is no free money and no easy way to make money instantly. You have to work for every penny you make by completing certain given tasks.

Originally, I wanted to share “10 Ways You Can Use To Make Money Online” but I realize using the current title drives a high volume of traffic as people frequently use this keyword on search engines.

Shortly I would still proceed with that title to share 10 Proven Ways You Can Use To Make Money Online.

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