Top government secrets

Top government secrets to start the New World Order (NWO). The idea is to gain global control by mandating a single currency, planting RFID chips in humans to be able to track their movement and everything they do and to decide the fate of humanity.

The act of mastery and control over people globally would force an unprecedented experience in the history of humanity. It would bring an age of great tribulations, a time when freedom would be a myth.

Who really decides the fate of humanity? Does a Creator even exist?

Whenever I am approached with this question, I know there will be an endless debate. What is your idea of what exists or not?  Trying to substantiate the existence of a Creator will continue to be an inconclusive debate throughout the ages but one thing is a known fact: Our universe has a form of consciousness that encapsulates it, and you are free to call it any name that appeals to your senses and experience.

Every attempt to study the world and the way everything works often points to the idea that there is ‘something‘ out there. Some sort of super-intelligent mind is certainly behind the creative process and affairs of all creatures in the universe. One thing is for sure – the Creator does interfere with everything that happens in the world. Humans have the capacity to affect nature and control it to a large extent. We have the capabilities to do so.

Is the Creator responsible for everything that happens to humanity?

What We Have Always Describe As Natural Disasters or An Act of God

A shocking discovery about several events that have claimed so many lives in different places across the globe. We need to be informed about what is really going on. We need to wake up from this virtual reality.

First, I want you to read this message below:

Their planet was destroyed and they managed to escape the apocalypse. They cannot reproduce and fear they’re on extinction. Their only hope is to come to earth to see if they can survive and possibly mate with humans but unfortunately, they are not capable of doing that.  They had to abduct humans to their labs where they do ‘something’ inside them so humans reproduce hybrids (half them, half-humans). This is the solution they have to make their race survive.

They live among us. They’re even in the government. They now have a motive – to take over our planet. Our planet is their only chance of survival. They know if humans would know about their presence, it would be a threat to their chances of survival and they can’t keep hiding forever. Their cover is already blown. So the only way is to dominate, take over the government, take over the industries, take over the military, and control the system. They’re succeeding every single day.

My question: If this is true and not some science fiction, Are you prepared to be controlled by Reptilians? Humans were never prepared for this. Can we win our planet back?

This is one of the huge secrets NASA and the government have been hiding from us. I know they will come for me when they read this. I want you to know what’s happening. I took the risk of doing that by sharing it.

Do not take this lightly. Share with everyone if you can (be careful). I have never made such a post on my wall or timeline.

It is happening right now. I found out about this when my quest for knowledge – to know about my world and solve the mysteries in it.

It is up to you!
Our world is changing and you know that.”

The sender of this message disclosed this information at the expense of his life and has decided to remain anonymous. You may want to question the authenticity of this message but I want to give you a clue to do your research.

  1. You have no Privacy
    If you are in the US, Europe, Asia, and even Australia – you have no privacy. There is a spy on you in different ways. Your calls are secretly being recorded and monitored including your text messages, emails, social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc ) and your travel details – where you go and what you do. Your phones (especially iPhones) have a tracking or ‘spy’ chip to keep track of your data. It is the most superlative spying device. They remotely control some features in your phones; collect your geolocation data, web searches. This chip is in your computers and all Internet-connected devices. It was originally created to spy on a suspicious individual which now includes you.
    Every data you share on the Internet is not secured. Knowing your data is not secured, what measures will you take? What can you do about it? Do you trust the GDPR policy system?
  2. Chemtrail originally called ‘Contrails’
    Have you noticed anything strange in the sky lately? Especially the early hours of the day and towards the evenings. It is quite massive and questionable. According to Amazon Alexa, Chemtrails are trails left by aircraft which are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials. Amazon quickly updated the app to change her reply upon hearing her response.

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