The movie, ‘Rango‘ is entertaining and at the same time, eye-opening.

This review is aimed at sharing certain information, lessons, and messages unveiled in the movie. It is obvious that the makers of this movie want the world to be aware of what is really going on in the world.

The objective of this review is to share the message or lessons conveyed in the movie which is summarized below:

  • Create a picture of who you want to be and the role you must play as you live. You can be anyone.
  • There are no accidents in life, everything is part of the plan to play the story we are creating for ourselves. There would always be unexpected events that would lead us to our story.
  • The roadmap to our destiny may not be known to us but at some points in the journey, help would come to guide us on the right path to take.
  • We are nothing without enlightenment: knowledge is fully required for guidance to where we want to be in life – Get the education!
  • Take note of what inspires your idea of who you want to be and always remember the voice – the instructions you get at the beginning of your journey ‘cos you’d need it at some points on the journey.
  • It takes courage and determination to stay on the path before you. Situations and people would test you, to know the stuff you got inside and are made of.
  • You will achieve anything you conceive and believe. Continually act your imagination till it becomes a reality…it would surely happen. We create our reality.
  • We become the choices we make in life.
  • You would have times when you’d face life alone; cry alone, struggle alone, fight alone and have doubts in yourself.
  • There will always be oppositions in your life’s journey; even enemies and friends would oppose you, even nature itself but don’t give in. Do not succumb to oppositions.
  • When the dark times come, remember the instructions you received in the light.

Deeper Messages

The world is controlled by those who control Money. Follow the money and you will know who they are – the Big Brothers

We have been programmed into a lifestyle that we constantly want to earn money, our lives are completely tied to it. As a result, those that control Money, control us.

The Secrets is revealed to us in the movie: economic situations which cause intense hardship are mostly done deliberately by the ones that control the Money. The movie exposed their scheme and secret agenda.


This is how the world works.


Credit to the Maker of Rango Animation Movie ©Paramount Pictures

Reviewed by GJEF

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