It’s a message of developing resilience, staying positive at all times, making yourself a brand for the world to see, and being a solution to whatever you complain about.  

Ideally, this video was meant to be published on World Mental Health Day 10 – 10 – 2020.   

The purpose of this video is particularly to send a message to those wanting to give up on themselves as a result of the difficulties the COVID crisis has taken them through.  

How to cope in difficult situations – 2020

People react to difficult situations differently and that points to how resilient they are. Personally, I understand that certain situations can push you to the wall to break you. 

I have had an experience of hopelessness, rejections, and struggles. But, these times taught me great lessons about life and also sharpened me, as well.    

Indeed, this year 2020 presented a global challenge. I could see how so many people are taking it. Some people are committing suicides while others are struggling with mental health issues. Because they’re getting overwhelmed by the situation of things.

How have you been coping this year 2020?

The points below might be helpful if you’re struggling to cope with difficult situations:

  • Understand that no situation is unique. Everyone is dealing with one situation or the other no matter how cheerful or relaxed they may seem. Whatever you’re dealing with is not peculiar to you. Speak up! Then, you’d be so surprised about what others are coping with.
  • Toughen-up! Create new habits that build resilience. There is a saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Allow the trying times to toughen you up. Examine how bodybuilders build muscles and pack by conditioning their bodies to continuous training on lifting heavy metal. In like manner, tough situations help you to toughen up.
  • Focus on the positive realm of things. Do not allow situations to make you become toxic. If you complain all the time about things or how your situations are, stop it! You’d push people away including those who are there to help. As a matter of fact, nobody enjoys staying around a negative person.
  • Accept trying times with an act of gratitude. Certainly, when you appreciate things, you begin to re-create the positive outcomes of the situation. In addition, if you can examine your life deeply, there is so much to be thankful for. Besides, the act of gratitude would make you love life and release positive energy.
  • Recognize that it is not what happens to you that matters. It is what happens inside of you. That is to say, how you react to situations is greater than the situations itself. Attitude is everything. A famous quote by Charles R. Swindoll:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

  • Know that the situations are temporary. Everything in this world is temporary. In that case, your situation has an expiring date. Sadly, this applies to both good and bad times. Are there actually good and bad times? It might just be the way we tag or interpret our experience.

I believe both good and bad times build the person we are or what we become.


In Conclusion

Take things easy this year 2020. If you’re confused about things, cool it! Are you getting overwhelmed by the situation of the new normal? Pause and take some good breathes. Relax! Because it’s a mere drama that had exposed certain aspects of humanity. Also, try to learn something unique this period and give room for improvement as well.

Keep well and keep safe!


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One thought on “2020 LESSONS: Resilience, Branding, and being a Solution

  1. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty.
    You are amazing! Thanks!

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