Godfrey Jeremiah’s portfolio showcases some of Godfrey Jeremiah’s work and projects.

Visit gj-portfolio-app to view Godfrey Jeremiah’s portfolio app.

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Mobile Version – GJEF portfolio app

Godfrey Jeremiah’s portfolio app features responsive design layouts using flexbox and grids with a functional user experience.

Important to mention that this app presents a calm and eye-friendly theme that allows for a relaxable visual experience. I selected the ‘Roboto’ typeface that favors distinct layout variations and contrasts. Essentially, the project was concluded by adding an experience layer of ultra-fine animations and page transitions.

It is an extension of Godfrey’s blog CV.

The Objective

As a web developer, I needed a central masterpiece to showcase my work and project to potential clients and employers. Also, I needed it as a point of reference for anyone or group that wants to see my portfolio.

Not to mention that the main goal was to translate my work into a digital experience that would express my skillset and present my work in a memorable and contemporary way.

Aside from sharing my skillset and work, I wanted to present it as a template that can be used by other aspiring or beginner developers to inspire them.

The Solution

While learning React, I used this as my first project. Becoming a React.js developer introduced me to the programming framework journey. So I initiated this project; from planning, designing, to execution. This project took me about 4 months to complete as I was learning all the techniques and rudiments of React. My mission was to give visitors and users a rich experience through my work.

The overall app feels classy and well-tailored to users’ expectations.