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Connecting and communicating with others helps us make sense of life. No one is created to live in a solitary existence.


Naturally, we’re all created to make some sounds irrespective of who or what is listening. Everything is making a sound if you care to listen. Besides, a sound was responsible for creation as everything was tuned into existence.

More importantly, we should be making meaningful sound – that’s communication. And, we can not communicate until we’re connected. Surprisingly, we’re all connected in ways that we can’t imagine.

We’re Connected to Everything

In a search for trying to understand people, it became clear to me how we’re so connected with everything. We’re absolutely part of everything and, we’re everything.

The real fundamental problem of the human being is the failure of self-awareness. When we fully know who we are, we’d know why we are here, and how we can navigate through this world as happy people with great fulfillment.

GJEF, Understanding the human being

We Need Each Other. Let’s Keep Connecting

“If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Isaac Newton

Lack of mentorship is one of the disappointments I’ve had so far in my career journey and struggles. It is equally an imminent issue I think we should lay on the tabletop.

When you practically ignore people that are stretching out their hands to you for guidance and advice to grow in their career and to achieve career success, you make no meaning of your success.

Learn to pull people along with you when you’re in the position to do so. Don’t be too busy to help and don’t give excuses. Never leave people in their low state when they need you.

we rise by lifting others Connecting Helps Us Make Sense of Everything

As much as you stay connected, please communicate

It is good to grow your network, better to engage in meaningful conversation, and best to enhance the growth of those in your network.


I consider LinkedIn to be the safest social media to build meaningful connections. For me, it is the best social media platform to grow a successful network.

More importantly, when someone sends you an invite to join your connections, please kindly accept and acknowledge your acceptance with at least a note of thanks. Then, for the sender, make it a purposeful and conversational connection.

Connecting to a large audience for marketing purposes is equally a good drive for sending multiple connection requests. One of the mistakes we make in social media especially Linkedin, we feel it is only those we know that we should accept requests from or send requests to.

In conclusion, connecting with others gives us a sense of belonging to a community. We may never know if our next step to success or a life-changing idea would come from that. Let’s be open to connecting. Let’s grow together.

build for others Connecting Helps Us Make Sense of Everything

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