The Most Captivating Story: The Unknown

One of those difficult stories to write. I had trouble taking this venture, sharing my encounter with the ‘Unknown’. First, an attack from laziness to construct the experience into words. Then, the hard work of trying not to offend the knowledge we already have and had accustomed to.

It was during one of my usual routine of taking a walk at the early hour of the day, to someplace quiet and human-free. Isolating myself to ruminate over the sound of silence is my thing, especially before the break of the day, and in the heart of the night.

I found a tree that had clearly prepared a seat for me to sit on and to rest my aching backside. I didn’t hesitate for once, but to accept the offer. I was sitting there bereft of anything in particular to do. In truth, it was always like that at the initial stage until something inspires my thought-process.

This time, the range between the sky and a mountain top at my horizon was digging into the depth of my mind. I was not pondering this in the mundane sense. Instead, I was developing a sense of the fallible nature of things in general. I suddenly realized that I was having a conversation with myself. I was asking questions, analyzing, deliberating and, quite frankly, feeling confused.

Why is the sky looking closer than ever? So the distance between the sky and where we are is not that much (not far) after all. I thought to myself. As I was proceeding further in this inner dialogue, there came a visitor with a tap on my shoulder, from behind. A brief description of this moment is already shared on this link; just to save time and to reduce the frequency with which you’re rolling your eyes on this page.

A recap, just to disclose some sections of the conversation (His words in bold letters):

He said to me in a very gentle voice, Godfrey, sorry if I startled you.” I was still in the process of trying to identify his gender, yet he called my name which even got me overwhelmed. All I could say from my mouth was, “how did you know my name…who are you really?” Then something even bizarre began to happen. I thought I might have been going crazy at this moment. That none of this happening is real.

I suddenly had a very strange feeling that I was at the company with someone who’s from a different dimension. This feeling was channeled to me from him in a way indescribable. His presence made me feel like I was in a kind of ‘field’ within his dimension. Then he apologized again and responded, Sorry about what I just did. I wanted to keep the conversation as short as possible ‘cos I know you’re going to ask me so many questions. From the looks of your eyes, I know you’re terrified but please don’t be. See me as a visitor for now. You asked how I know your name; Who exactly do not know your name? Everyone does know you, at least from where I’m from.

This aroused my curiosity which I think should be normal but I just don’t know if I’m fully ready for what’s about to happen so I needed to adjust my posture a little bit to get my feet ready to escape, my mind ready to comprehend, my eyes wide open, and my ears to pick every word he’s going to say. I could see him smiling, that kind of smile that suggests he’d seen this timeline long before now. Before I could respond, he said,

I know what you’re going to say. I’ve had it all figured out so I’d save you the time. You want to know where I’m from and why I came to you. First, you need to know we’ve been watching you and others like you in your world. Where I came from is a dimension within yours. This is not the first time you’re meeting a visitor from our dimension, though the second and last time. I was sent to you now because we know you’re ready…there’s so much about you and where you are that you don’t know and certain knowledge is deliberately hidden from you because you may not be able to handle it. My dimension is not different from yours only that, time is not a factor there. There are several other dimensions within yours that your species are yet to explore…

He continued to say things which he particularly instructed me not to disclose yet to anyone because they may think I’m going crazy. People in this age would discard anything that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t relate to the frame of knowledge they’re used to. As far as knowledge is concerned, we’re still in a primitive age.

I would continue the other sections of our conversation on the next part of this story, the same title but as The Most Captivating Story — Part II: The Mysteries of Time.”

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